It was held in Funchal, with the collaboration of CONSULMAR, the public presentation of the Integrated Strategic Plan and Transport of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. CONSULMAR through Eng. Pedro Baptista, was responsible for developing the component of the “Maritime Transport” of the Plan. This is the first Strategic Plan for the area of Transportation that Madeira offers. This document brings together the main guidelines of the strategic policy for the sector, molded cross and multi-sectoral way.

The Plan reinforces the intervention capacity of the Regional Government in the sector, aimed at improving internal and external accessibility (land, air and sea) for passengers and cargo but also reducing pollution associated with different modes of transport and more efficient and enhancement of airport, port and road infrastructure.

Under the Maritime Transportation, the bet is focused on the review of the development strategy and investment programs of the region’s ports, in carrying out expert inspections of port infrastructure, development of conservation and maintenance plans for the ports, the creation of conditions to support the operation of maritime tourism activities in secondary ports, the restructuring of the port Administration of the Region, among others aimed at satisfying the needs felt in the field of maritime transport and ports subsector.