Beach Nourishment – Ericeira South Beach

The South Beach is the local beach at Ericeira with the highest demand, which results in situations of overcrowding and poor conditions of enjoyment, aggravated by the reduction of the beach area available that has occurred. Integrating the program of interventions recommended in the POOC (Plan for Spatial Management of the Shoreline) between Alcobaça and Mafra, INAG promoted the beach nourishment project, increasing the area available for bathing and therefore contributing to the qualification of the beach.

The work done by CONSULMAR included the study of the natural conditions of the site, the analysis of the physiographic evolution of the beach, the definition of alternative solutions for the beach fill and design of the selected alternative, including the preparation of the Tender Process for Contract Procurement. The solution adopted consisted of beach nourishment with 50 000 m3 of sand, combined with the strengthening of the existing retaining structure at its southern limit.

Localização: Ericeira, Portugal

Dono da Obra: INAG