Project for Beach Nourishment and Sand Retaining Structure of Praia da Rocha / Vau

The cliff on the stretch of coast between the Vau and Rocha beaches has been subject to an intense process of erosion, which threatens the use of the beach at the toe of the cliff and the safety of the constructions along its crest. As part of the solution to solve this problem, beach nourishment combined with a sand retaining structure has been predicted in the POOC (Plan for Spatial Management of the Shoreline) for the coast between Burgau and Vilamoura Beach.

The studies and projects for this intervention, which involved beach nourishment with direct repulsion of the sand dredged at the outer harbour of Portimão (under the scope of the works for the construction of the Marina) through the pipes placed along Praia da Rocha, and the implementation of a sand retaining structure in rock, were prepared by CONSULMAR directly to the contractor who performed the Works.

Location: Portimão, Portugal

Employer: INAG (Irmãos Cavaco, S.A.)