Cliff Protection and Beach Nourishment at “Praia dos Tremoços”

The Beach of Tremoços serves the luxury tourist resort Vila Vita Parc, located to the west of Armação de Pera, in Algarve. The fall of blocks off the cliff, carved in very carbonated miocenic karst rock formations, threatened not only part of the tourist complex buildings, but also the physical safety of people at the beach. This is an extremely complex problem, given the geomorphological characteristics of the formations involved, which solution was also subject to major constraints, not only by the impositions of the Employer, regarding accessibility and availability of areas to affect the works, but also restrictions imposed by the great sensitivity of the surroundings landscape.

CONSULMAR conducted studies and projects that led to the solution adopted, which involved beach nourishment with dredged sands, building a retaining structure, drainage works at the crest of the cliff and protections to install at the crest and base of the cliff to restrict access to the areas of greatest risk.

Location: Armação de Pera, Portugal

Employer: Turisvilas Investimentos, Lda.