Dragon Box-flag Football Club Porto

The Sport Pavilion of Futebol Clube do Porto (Dragão Caixa), was designed by architect Manuel Salgado and has a capacity of 2000 seats and a construction area of 13,000 m2.
Located in an area with an irregular geometry in plan and with a very pronounced slope, it was a big challenge concerning the structural solutions. The level of the arena slab is up to 15 m above the ground and is supported by a three dimensional system of columns and beams, such as the rest of the building.
The roof structure has steel trussed beams with spans of around 40m, forming a castle in effect allowing some natural light.
The technical team of DIMSTRUT, currently integrated in the staff of CONSULMAR, designed the foundations and structures project.

Location: Porto, Portugal

Builder: Somague

Employer: Futebol Clube do Porto