Emergency Intervention of Faro Beach

Faro Beach is located in Ancão Peninsula, part of the islands dunes cord bordering Ria Formosa. The dense urban occupation of the site means that it is where the effects of coastal erosion and retreat of the dune field that is affecting this stretch of coast, are felt more severely. During a particularly violent storm the beach retreated a great distance, causing the destruction of some buildings and the road that runs along the urban cluster, thus requiring an emergency intervention to prevent the expansion of the damage. CONSULMAR drew up a set of studies and recommendations for the emergency response and for a broader solution to the problem, involving periodic nourishment programs, combined or not with the execution of sand retaining structures. At the time the emergency beach nourishment with sand dredged from the inner estuary has been undertaken.

Location: Faro, Portugal

Employer: General Directorate of Ports