EN323 and EN329 – Alternative Stretch at Vila Nova de Paiva

The objective of the alternative road is to cross the municipality of Vila Nova de Paiva, continuing to the north, to the existing EN 329 alternative route and creating an alternative route to EN 323 over an extension of 5230 m with six connections to the existing road network.

The route planned includes a 7 m wide lane and 2.25 m wide berms, for a design speed of 80km/h, as well as the restoration of the five uneven roads intersected by five existing bridges/viaducts.

CONSULMAR’s intervention included the Corridors Feasibility Study, Economic Profitability Study, Traffic and Environmental Viability Studies, The Preliminary Design of the Roads and the Concept study of the bridges/viaducts.

Location: Municipality of Vila Nova de Paiva, subregion Dão-Lafões, Portugal

Employer: EP – Estradas de Portugal, SA