Espinheiro Monastery Hotel and Spa

The Espinheiro Monastery Hotel and Spa, part of the Luxury Collection of the hotel chain Starwood, has 56 rooms and three suites, and resulted from the conversion of a monastery of the fourteenth century (where D. Sebastião went into retreat before Alcazarquivir) and has been at present, the host site of several events, among which is the 21st Iberian Summit.

The contract for the redevelopment and rehabilitation, which lasted for 24 months, has been supervised by CONSULMAR, who also assured the Coordination of Construction Safety.

The project, representing an investment of over 15MEuro for a total building area of 10,000 m2, 4,200 m2 of which are new construction, has a chapel, wedding facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, and an “Author Restaurant”.

Location: Canaviais – Évora

Employer: SPPTH – Sociedade de Promoção de Projectos Turísticos e Hoteleiros, Lda