Fishing Port of Figueira da Foz

The port’s fishing sector is located on the western shore of the south arm of Mondego River, in a dock with approximately 12 ha of wet area. The dock area intended for the unloading of fish has bed levels of (-6.0 m) CD. The remaining area has bed levels of (-4.00 m) and (-2, 0 m) CD. The maritime infrastructure include a fish loading dock, 250 m long, an ice and fuel supply quay, 120 m long, three piers with a berthing length of 80 m, an 80 m equipping quay, a beaching ramp and repairs quay. There are 2 pairs of “Duques d’Alba” for berthing of vessels. Onshore infrastructure and facilities include embankments for drying of nets in beaching areas, a fish auction building, 28 warehouses for merchants, 45 equipment warehouses and a building for administrative services.

CONSULMAR prepared all the concept and planning studies and undertook the detailed design of the marine works and onshore facilities, and also performed the supervision of the works.

The studies of the Port of Figueira da Foz, prepared by CONSULMAR, began in the 70s, with the Master Plan which goal was to define the overall utilization of the estuary surrounding area, and the corresponding location of the port facilities and the analysis of hydraulic behaviour of the terminal section of the estuary.

Subsequently, CONSULMAR also carried out the detailed design of the floating parking infrastructure for artisanal fisheries and also the detailed design of the requalification of the ports infrastructure of the Ports sector of Gala.

Location: Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Employer: DGPNTM; IPTM