Fishing Port of Rabo de Peixe, Azores

The interventions of the 80s/90s endowed the Port of Rabo de Peixe with a 220m long breakwater and a 100m long berth on the lee side, with bed levels between -2.00 and -3, 00m(CD) and also a jetty – 20m berth – and bed levels of -0.50/-6.50m(CD), and also a slipway.

The expansion projects, creating a 3.6 ha basin, include two Jetties, one north and one south, the latter creating shelter for three 93m piers with bed levels of -2.0 /-3.0m (CD), gantry dock, as well as marginal revetments, a slipway, infrastructure to support fishing and new access and port circulation routes.

CONSULMAR was responsible for all engineering interventions, from the concept and planning studies to, more recently, the design of the expansion works, also undertaking the supervision of the Works.

Location: Rabo de Peixe, São Miguel Island, Azores

Employer: Regional Government of the Azores