Furadouro Beach – Extension of The Sea Defense

The area for intervention, about 400m long, is located north of the Furadouro Beach, starting 85m away from the North Groyne and consists of the extension and reinforcement with riprap, of the existing protection structure, between the groyne and the beach access stairs, as well as a beach refill with dredged sand. In the first phase, the first 100m are covered.

The aim is to limit the action of waves, reducing the volume of overtopping over the promenade and the upper area of the beach, thus ensuring the integrity of the existing structures under storm conditions.

The participation CONSULMAR involved the basis studies, including the characterization of the natural conditions and the current status of the coastline, as well as the areas for intervention, wave climate, etc.. The preliminary and detailed designs for the 1st Stage of the defence’s extension were undertaken by Consulmar.

Location: Furadouro Beach, Ovar, Portugal

Employer: ARH – Administration of the Center Hydrographic Region, IP