Hotel Amanduna , in Comporta – Foundations and Structure

The Amanduna Hotel is part of the Aman Resorts that has a concept of exclusive luxury hotel.

The project, with architecture Denniston / RISCO, consists of a set of pavilions scattered throughout the pine forests, which are the bedrooms, and a main building where most are common services such as reception , restaurants and bars , meeting rooms, Spa , swimming pools and indoor areas to support the hotel.

The 40 pavilions that make up the rooms have a reinforced concrete structure with wooden covering, most of them with swimming pool. There was a very tight coordination among all specialties and special care of every detail to ensure the exigent requirements of the project .
The main building is located on an area with a slope. The architecture attempted to mitigate the slopes with the placement of landscaped embankments. Even so gaps of 8 m were obtained. To deal with this type of topography was necessary to use containment structures with considerable dimensions in the basement area , such as walls with buttresses.
The technical team of DIMSTRUT currently integrated in the staff of Consulmar developed the designs of foundations and structures.

Location: Comporta, Portugal

Employer: Comporta Dunes Hoteis e Golf, S.A.