Improvement of Two Sections of EN258-1

The intervention in EN 258-1 included the connection Vila Ruiva – Cuba and Cuba-IP2, in a total length of 14978m and consisted on the improvement of the pavement, the construction of new culverts, cleaning and adjustment of the drainage systems, including reprofiling of some sections and ditches, in updating and improving the safety and signalling equipment.

One of the requirements of the project was to avoid occupation and expropriation of the adjacent lands. Therefore, the designed platform kept the existing width (between 5.0m and 6.6m) and the paving works included strengthening of the existing pavement and new pavement in specific areas where the removal of the existing pavement was predicted.

The intervention of CONSULMAR contemplated the two phases of the studies, with the preparation of a first report “Characterization of the Existing Situation” as well as a second report which identified anomalous situations, subject to intervention, and their respective intervention proposals. The second stage refers to the Detailed Design of all the specialities involved.

Location:  Cuba, Beja District, Portugal

Employer: EP – Estradas de Portugal, SA.