New Facilities of the Judicial Police in Lisbon – Foundations and Structure

The DimStrut joined the project team leaded by OPWAY , winner of the public tender of Conception – Construction of New Facilities of the Judicial Police of Lisbon.
Designed by Miguel Saraiva e Associados, the building has about 60,000 m2 of construction, divided into 4 basements and 5 to 12 floors high.
The buildings have just two structural modules, and plan dimensions of 60 to 100 m per building, allowing a good performance in supporting the peripheral containment and a good seismic behavior. Particular care was taken with the service limit states, particularly with regard to the effects of shrinkage, creep and cracking of the concrete.
The technical team of DIMSTRUT currently integrated in the tables of Consulmar was responsible of foundations and structure design.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Employer: Instituto de Gestão Financeira e de Infra-estruturas da Justiça, I.P.