New Tete Bridge, Mozambique

The Concession Agreement, started in 2011 and running until 2014, with an investment of 100 Meuro, aims at the construction of the new Tete Bridge and the rehabilitation of the Cuchamano – Zóbuè roads (N7 and N8), also including the construction of the Support Centre and Maintenance buildings.

The works, in addition to the Main Bridge with a length of about 665 meters, include its immediate accesses and an Access Viaduct from “Encontro Tete” with a total length of about 930 meters.

The rehabilitation of N7 and N8, with an approximate length of 261 km, includes the rehabilitation of N8, between Cuchamano and Changara and N7, between Changara and Zóbuè, in Tete province, crossing the districts of Changara and Moatize. These roads are part of the road network in Mozambique, making the connection between Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

The participation of CONSULMAR, in consortium, involves the review of the project submitted by the contractor consortium, supervision and coordination of safety on site, as well as the environmental and social monitoring.

Location: Tete Province – Republic of Mozambique