New Urban Centre of Luanda, Chicala

Development of studies and projects related to the marine works of the urban development called “New Urban Centre of Luanda”, proposed for the area between Chicala / Praia do Bispo / Mausoléu. The urban development covers an area of about 23 hectares in the centre of that area, and includes the creation of two independent bays / lagoons in the north and south boundaries, and the fixation of the outside coastline at an approximate position of the current sandbank of Chicala.

The work done by CONSULMAR includes oceanographic and sedimentological basis studies, etc., field works, hydrodynamic mathematical model studies, as well as preliminary studies and detailed designs of the various infrastructures, such as coastal protection, coastal revetments, marinas, etc.

Location: Angola, África/ Luanda

Employer: Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Angola – National Directorate of Infrastructures