Peniche Marina

Peniche Marina will be located in an area adjacent to and south of the existing fishing port. The development comprises, in addition to the harbour basin, an area of touristic urban development. The total area of this project is 60ha. Approximately half of this area corresponds to naturalized areas, and the basin has an area of 11ha, with a capacity for 450 boats. In addition to the onshore facilities to support the boating activity, areas for hotels, apartments, shops and services are also planned. Environmental issues were of particular importance in developing the studies, on the one hand, because of the location of the marina – next to an especially sensitive dune area – and on the other hand, due to the current degradation of the area adjacent to the fishing port. The completion of the marina will contribute to the recovery of these degraded areas, while helping to preserve the dune field that develops between Peniche and Consolação. CONSULMAR was responsible for all the studies.

Location: Peniche, Portugal

Employer: Municipality of Peniche