Portimão Marina

The Marina of Portimão develops in the terminal area of the estuary of Rio Arade, in the outer harbour of Portimão, in a concession area of about 25ha. The wet area of the marina is divided into two basins, with a total capacity of about 620 vessels, with lengths up to 25m, with bed levels between (-3m)CD and (-4m)CD. The parking basins are sheltered by jetties / traditional marginal revetments and floating breakwaters. The marina has berthing, haulage and fuel supply quays. The onshore facilities include, apart from the Administrative and Support buildings, commercial areas, restaurants, apartments and apart-hotels, and an ocean swimming pool. For frontal protection of the marina embankment, a beach was designed, not only to function as a wave energy dissipater, but also to provide an additional recreational area, which adds value to the development. CONSULMAR undertook the planning studies and projects of all the marine works and floating equipment. The initial layout and sheltering structures definition was supported by mathematical modelling of the wave propagation at the outer harbour and of the estuarine flows. These elements were also used in the environmental component of the studies.

Location: Portimão, Portugal

Employer: Marinas de Barlavento, Lda.