Rehabilitation of the Existing Coastal Defence in the City of Beira, Mozambique

The intervention consists of the rehabilitation of a field of 47 groynes spread along approximately seven kilometres of coastline. The Works involve the construction of new groynes and beach nourishment. The great length of the intervention, which represents an estimated investment of 52MEuro, led to its phasing. Phase 1 – Emergency Interventions – focuses on Ponta Gea, given the imminent risk of this very sensitive area.

Phases 2 and 3 correspond to partial recovery interventions of the existing coastal defence and complementary interventions of the coastal defence.

The participation of CONSULMAR involved basis studies, including the characterization of the natural conditions and the current status of the coastline, as well as areas for intervention, wave climate, etc.. Consulmar also undertook the Preliminary Design of all interventions and the Detailed Design of the emergency interventions.

Location: City of Beira – Republic of Mozambique

Employer: City Council of Beira – Procurement Executing and Manager Unit