Touristic Base of Mundaú

Integrated on the studies of Water Resources for Tourism in the State of Ceará, Brazil, under the scope of PRODETUR-EC (Development Program of Tourism in the Coast of Ceará), a plan has been developed for a touristic base to be installed at the mouth of the River Mundaú.
This base consists of a port infrastructure for recreational use and support to artisanal fishing, and a tourist-residential complex developed along the river banks.
In addition to the fishing support infrastructures (piers, docks, ramps, etc.) the port provides parking in floating walkways to 650 pleasure boats. The area provided for occupation by the tourist resorts has approximately 50 hectares, and 7.5ha of which are intended to sports equipment. Given the particular natural characteristics of the Brazilian “Nordeste”, an important part of the baseline studies involved was related to the assessment of the sustainability of the enterprise in terms of water resources. CONSULMAR developed the basis and planning studies of the project, including the estimated costs involved in its construction.

Localização: Mundaú, Ceará, Brazil

Employer:  Government of Ceará State, Secretary of State for Water Resources