Upgrading of the River Front in Costa Nova, Aveiro

The intervention was aimed at enabling a leisure area to be used by pedestrians and cyclists, but keeping an open front with the river and interconnected with the surrounding urban core. In this context, corridors and circulation routes (pedestrian and bicycle) were created, as well as the widening and reshaping of the main avenue, improving safety conditions for road traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

With this intervention, the River Front of Costa Nova, presents a spacious area between the first line of buildings and the new marginal retention, crossed by Av José Estevão, with a 7.0m wide platform, which, on the River side, was endowed with a 4.60m wide walk and a 2.60m wide bicycle path.

The intervention of CONSULMAR, which included the Preliminary Study and Detailed Design, is within the scope of the retention and regularization works of the banks of “Ria de Aveiro”, consisting in reshaping the outside area adjacent to these works. These interventions are included in the recovery and revitalization of the area taking into account the Municipality Detailed Plan.

Location: Costa Nova, Ílhavo, Portugal

Employer: Ílhavo Municipality