Vale do Lobo Beach, Algarve

The beach of Vale do Lobo in the Algarve, is situated in one of the sections of the coast of mainland Portugal where the greatest rates of retreat occur. To protect the existing pool of this tourist resort, built on the top of the cliff, a riprap defence structures was built at the base of the cliff. CONSULMAR prepared the design and provided technical assistance to its construction. Subsequently, and as a complement to this intervention, CONSULMAR undertook a study for the nourishment of the adjacent beach. Because the beach nourishment was not performed immediately, the continued erosion of the cliff resulted in the endangering of some of the existing houses. To address this situation Consulmar designed additional beach nourishment and the defence of the base of the cliff with the implementation of an “artificial dune” as well as the improvement of rainwater drainage.

Location: Vale do Lobo, Portugal

Employer: Empresa Turística de Vale do Lobo